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Correct Your Teeth on Your Terms with Clear Braces

Metal braces used to be the only way to straighten misaligned teeth, but now, with ClearCorrect, you can straighten your teeth on your terms. At Awesome Smiles, we deliver kind and compassionate dental care across the El Paso region, offering clear aligners to our patients so that they can restore their perfect smile with confidence. We specialize in assisting the uninsured or under-insured to achieve their dental goals and offer our in-house financing options to ensure that a perfect smile is something that all of our patients can have.

Clear Braces
How Do Clear Aligners Work

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear braces, such as ClearCorrect, provide the same level of correction as metal braces, but with one key difference: the aligners are made from a clear material that can be worn without affecting the look of your smile. These comfortable aligners allow more flexibility in terms of what you can eat and drink and allow for easy removal for cleaning purposes. At Awesome Smiles, we are with you every step of your journey towards a beautiful smile, ensuring that your aligners fit perfectly and comfortably at all times. Now, you can work towards having straighter teeth without the unappealing look of metal braces.

Get a Perfect Smile!

You should always be proud of your smile, and now, with Clear Correct from Awesome Smiles, you can be! To find out more about our financing options, or to schedule a visit, click Get Started.