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What are Therapeutic BOTOX Treatments?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the spot where your jaw connects to your skull to enable you to close and open your jaw smoothly. Sometimes, the temporomandibular joint is injured or damaged, resulting in a debilitating condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction (TMD). If you are experiencing pain or hearing noises when you move your jaw, then schedule an appointment with Dr. Tracy Provenghi to get a diagnosis and learn whether you would benefit from therapeutic BOTOX treatments. This treatment at our El Paso, TX dental office works by temporarily relaxing the jaw muscles, helping to decrease teeth grinding and relieve the symptoms of TMD. Arrange an appointment with Dr. Tracy Provenghi to find out how we can help you.

How do Therapeutic BOTOX Treatments Work?

To diagnose TMJ/TMD, Dr. Provenghi will listen to your symptoms and concerns before assessing your jaw for movement and signs of TMJ, such as clicking, popping, facial pain or tenderness, and tooth sensitivity. Oral x-rays or a bite analysis might also be performed to check for underlying causes of TMJ. For patients receiving therapeutic BOTOX injections, the treatment can be conveniently done in our El Paso, TX office. A needle will be used for placement of the BOTOX injections into specific regions of your jaw, which is quick and only involves minimal pain, like a pinprick sensation. After your BOTOX treatment, you can get right back to your day. For most people, the results of BOTOX last up to four months. Dr. Provenghi will let you know how often you might want to plan follow-up treatments based on your needs.

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I love having an appointment that is timely. I deeply appreciate the courteous and friendly staff- it does not matter how bad my day is going, when I walk in the greet me with a sunny attitude and it always manages to lift my spirits. The dental technicians are top notch. The technology used here is mind boggling! Dr. Provenghi is brilliant and accesses all the latest technology to keep smiles healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend this dental practice.

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Although BOTOX has traditionally been used for cosmetic purposes, it can also work as a solution for people who deal with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. If jaw pain, clicking, locking, and other TMJ symptoms are affecting your life, contact Awesome Smiles in El Paso, TX to set up an appointment. After a thorough exam, Dr. Tracy Provenghi will provide a diagnosis and the right treatment option to improve your TMJ.

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