Teeth Whitening – El Paso, Tx

A Brighter, Whiter Smile with Teeth Whitening

Your smile creates inspiration the moment you walk into a room, so why not add some brilliance to it? With teeth whitening, you can enhance your natural beauty and show off your pearly whites wherever you go. Awesome Smiles is proud to offer teeth whitening services providing the highest quality standards of whitening power possible. Our team is passionate about promoting the beauty of all of our patients through exceptional dental care at the most affordable rates.

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Discolored Teeth Gone in Just One Visit

At Awesome Smiles, we use the most innovative bleaching technology to achieve the whiteness in your smile you are dreaming of. It is perfectly normal to experience some staining on the teeth due to age or lifestyle habits, such a smoking, eating certain foods or drinking beverages such as red wine, but in just one visit, you can enjoy a beautiful, more brilliant smile. Our effective teeth whitening treatments restore confidence while reducing tooth sensitivity. For uninsured or under-insured patients, our attractive in-house financing options allow you to achieve a whiter smile without worrying about breaking the bank.

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A beautiful, more brilliant smile is just one phone call away. With Awesome Smiles, you can feel confidence in your smile no matter where you go. We serve the entire community of El Paso with teeth whitening services, so to learn more or book a consultation, call us today at (915) 772-4740.