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Classified somewhere between a tooth-colored filling and a full crown, an inlay or onlay can fix a decayed or damaged tooth. Used on premolars and molars, a dental inlay covers the concave middle of a tooth, and onlays cover the tooth's upper, rounded edges. Like dental fillings and crowns, inlays and onlays can be made in several materials — porcelain, metal, and composite resin. Dr. Tracy Provenghi can help you better understand tooth-colored fillings, crowns, inlays, and onlays so you can make the right decision about treating your teeth at Awesome Smiles. Contact our El Paso, TX dental facility to arrange an appointment.

After applying a numbing cream to your gums, Dr. Provenghi will start by cleaning out regions of decay. Stronger techniques of sedation can be used if needed. Once the enamel is cleaned, we will take digital impressions of your tooth. As soon as your inlay or onlay is created in our in-house lab, Dr. Provenghi will carefully set and bond it onto your tooth. We will polish the borders or adjust the fit so that your tooth is suitably coated and feels right. If just local anesthesia is used, you will be able to leave following your procedure and get back to your normal activities. You may experience mild discomfort, inflammation, or sensitivity for several days after your onlay or inlay is placed.

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Staff professional, understanding & patient with my problem/ gagging when having all xrays.

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They are people friendly and very professional at the same time. I have been a patient for over 10 years. Highly recommend to all.

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I love having an appointment that is timely. I deeply appreciate the courteous and friendly staff- it does not matter how bad my day is going, when I walk in the greet me with a sunny attitude and it always manages to lift my spirits. The dental technicians are top notch. The technology used here is mind boggling! Dr. Provenghi is brilliant and accesses all the latest technology to keep smiles healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend this dental practice.

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Strengthen Your Teeth

It is important to take care of a damaged or decayed tooth before it becomes a painful and expensive issue. Learn more about dental inlays and onlays to strengthen your dental health at Awesome Smiles. Our team in El Paso, TX can help improve your smile and oral health by using the ideal treatment to meet your needs.

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What's the difference between a dental inlay and onlay?
A dental inlay is used to cover and protect vulnerable areas on the concave chewing surface of a molar, while a dental onlay may cover the chewing surface as well as a portion of the outer cusps of the teeth.
Do I need an onlay or a crown?
It is helpful to think of dental inlays and onlays as a "middle ground" between standard fillings and full crowns. Dental inlays and onlays can provide more protection and a greater area of coverage compared with fillings, and they offer a less invasive solution than crowns, which often require more extensive preparation. The choice between a dental inlay/onlay and a crown will depend on the level of damage and/or decay your tooth shows, as well as other individual factors.
How long do dental inlays and onlays last?
With proper care and dental hygiene, dental inlays and onlays can last anywhere from a few years to a few decades. In addition to your oral hygiene routine, diet and lifestyle choices, and other factors, the lifespan of your inlays and onlays will depend on how extensive your dental damage was, the location and size of the inlay or onlay, and other variables.
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