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While Dr. Tracy Provenghi makes every attempt to conserve and maintain your natural teeth, there are instances where a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that is visible above the gumline. This is normally done for a tooth that's damaged or decayed beyond repair. A surgical extraction removes a tooth that hasn't erupted above the gums. Surgical extractions are commonly done to remove the wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that don't fit in your mouth. No matter the reason for needing an extraction at Awesome Smiles, our team will treat you with the best care. Get in touch with our office in El Paso, TX to schedule an appointment to improve your oral health.

Both simple and surgical tooth extractions performed at Awesome Smiles in El Paso, TX help individuals resolve issues with one or more teeth that have the potential to become much more serious if unaddressed. Functional and aesthetic benefits of tooth extractions include:

  • Prevents wisdom teeth or other impacted teeth from disrupting the rest of the mouth
  • Can enable the growth of permanent teeth in younger children
  • Can allow for orthodontics to be installed
  • Averts further complications from tooth decay or infection
  • Treats tooth issues that may result from high-impact trauma like car accidents or sports injuries
  • Avoids infection from partially impacted or erupted teeth

To perform your dental extraction at our El Paso, TX office, we will use local anesthesia to numb the tooth being treated. Different kinds of sedation could be used, depending on the extent of the extraction, and also help keep you relaxed if you have some dental anxieties. To complete a simple extraction, Dr. Provenghi will loosen the tooth with a special device called an elevator prior to removing the tooth. A surgical extraction involves making incisions in your gums to get to the tooth. If necessary, the tooth may be broken into smaller pieces so that it can be removed. Once the tooth is removed, your practitioner will suture the incision in the gums. Dr. Provenghi may provide you with a prescription for antibiotics that need to be taken before and after the process.

Depending upon the anesthesia used throughout your extraction, you may be required to have an adult drive you home. While your gums heal, you should avoid spitting, smoking, and using straws. Your recovery will vary depending on the method of your tooth extraction; however, most patients choose to eat soft, cool food for at least a few days after the procedure. Dr. Provenghi will speak with you about what is normal as you recover and how to look after your mouth. Your mouth will probably be inflamed after the extraction, therefore Dr. Provenghi recommends cold compresses and over-the-counter pain medication. In some cases, Dr. Provenghi can give you a prescription for pain medication and/or antibiotics. Besides any suggested follow-up visits, you should schedule regular appointments at Awesome Smiles for dental exams and cleanings so Dr. Provenghi can monitor your dental health following an extraction.

Best Dentist and staff in El Paso !!!

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Staff professional, understanding & patient with my problem/ gagging when having all xrays.

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They are people friendly and very professional at the same time. I have been a patient for over 10 years. Highly recommend to all.

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I love having an appointment that is timely. I deeply appreciate the courteous and friendly staff- it does not matter how bad my day is going, when I walk in the greet me with a sunny attitude and it always manages to lift my spirits. The dental technicians are top notch. The technology used here is mind boggling! Dr. Provenghi is brilliant and accesses all the latest technology to keep smiles healthy and beautiful. I highly recommend this dental practice.

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Whether you have a damaged tooth or if your mouth doesn't have room for a new tooth, a dental extraction at Awesome Smiles can help improve your oral health and smile. Book an appointment at our El Paso, TX dental office to learn more about simple and surgical tooth extractions, as well as the sedation choices we offer.

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